After an operation, build up your muscle strength and increase your mobility, so that you can continue living an independent life.

Did you undergo joint or spinal surgery? Sustain an injury? Do you suffer from a chronic illness? In any of these situations, it is especially important that you build and maintain your musculoskeletal health – because healthy mobility is the key to independence and autonomy.

I specialize in the fields of orthopaedics and rheumatology. Relying on current scientific findings, I tailor all treatment to your specific needs. No matter what the impairment, the goals are to relieve discomfort, restore agility, promote strength and endurance, and strengthen balance and dexterity.

The therapy I provide is also a form of prophylaxis, to help you prevent overuse, injury and wear going forward. As part of the therapy, I will also give advice in regard to further training – so that your hard earned success has a lasting effect.