Back problems

One of my specialties is therapy for postural- and chronic back problems. My therapeutic approach involves a holistic view of the body.

When treating chronic back pain, I focus first on those parts of the body that you are able to move without complications. Gradually we work together towards the areas of the back which are experiencing acute pain. This approach takes into account the internal interconnection of different body parts: muscles, tendons and fascia are connected in a complex way. Working on a supposedly distant part of the body can have a positive effect on the affected back area.

With the help of my Pilates equipment, you will be able to perform movements that release tension. In this way, postural imbalances, as well as the causes of many slowly-developing back problems, can be corrected. Back pain is common. According to statistics, four-fifths of the population is affected once in a lifetime. This is why I stress the importance of prevention.